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  • Emotional Intelligence And Managerial Effectiveness

    A research carried out by Carnegie institute of Technology shows us that 85% of our financial success is because of Human Engineering, back then at a point IQ (intelligence quotient) was viewed as a primary precursor to achieve success but only to realise later that high intelligence is not a definite guarantee of success. Our […]

  • Three Behavioural Causes That Lead To Bureaucracy

    Bureaucracy is a rigid application rules and regulations. It demands a strict adherence to policies. Though bureaucracy you has its own pros and cons, it is considered a style which companies should forfeit from being employed. Leadership must create a cordial environment in the company that allows employees to have a belongingness in their work. […]

  • What if the company fails to recruit the right personnel?

    The primary concern of work is personnel. Without the workforce in action, there is no scope for the company’s continuity in the business. To employ the right people into the right jobs is the challenge HR recruiters have ever been facing since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Earlier to the revolution, there wasn’t a […]

  • The Effect of Coercion in Management

    True leadership makes millions of followers aspire to become such leaders. It is the motivation leaders give that inspires people. Superiors have the responsibility to ensure a right culture in the company. There has to be a proper method that is to be employed to get things done through someone. Management is the art of […]

  • Which motivation style works better? The positive style or the negative style?

    Motivation proved to have paved the path that leads to the development of the workforce. If you want to influence your employees, being bossy is no more the trend, but being polite to create a friendly atmosphere gives room to perceive a better understanding. When you motivate your workforce, they will be uplifted to perform […]