Three Behavioural Causes That Lead To Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is a rigid application rules and regulations. It demands a strict adherence to policies. Though bureaucracy you has its own pros and cons, it is considered a style which companies should forfeit from being employed. Leadership must create a cordial environment in the company that allows employees to have a belongingness in their work. But it is not so in case of bureaucracy as it does not entertain a cozy atmosphere in the firm. Most employees do not prefer to work for a bureaucrat. The most common reasons that cause bureaucratic changes in the superiors is lack of trust in the employees, lack of honesty in the employees behaviour and lack of confidence in the employees by the superiors.

  1. Trust in employees: When the superiors do not trust the employees, they tend to be bureaucratic to avoid the alteration of expectations. Bureaucratic leadership does not allow creativity to bud as employees are expected to do no less or no more than what is to be done. There is no proper scope for employee satisfaction. Trust is an important aspect that must have place in any business activity. It is good to avoid uncertainties but it is not quite reasonable to maintain an environment that allows the slavery mindset to rule within the employees. It is when the superiors trust in their employees that they perform better than their average potential on the performance scale.
  2. Honesty of employees: It is quite well said that honesty is the best policy. It is when people are dishonest that things do not work the way they expect it to work. It is utterly important for employees to be honest in their contribution. If they fail to do so, the management will eventually loose trust as they are disloyal to the company’s objectives. At times like these, leaders tend to be bureaucratic to ensure a right production culture in the company. To avoid this from happening, employees must be loyal and trustworthy.
  3. Confidence in employees: Management should have confidence in the personnel they employ without which there will exist no cordial relations and trust in the company. This is one the major reasons that allow bureaucracy to reign in the company. Management must have confidence in the ways employees incorporate to do their jobs. It is the ultimate productivity that the companies must be concerned of. When the employees are given their due liberty to perform things, they show tremendous interest employing various innovative and creativity techniques to accomplish their tasks. For jobs that demand creativity, bureaucracy is the most dangerous style of management that will deteriorate the main objective of the company.

It is the responsibility of both the employers and the employees to ensure amicable environment in the company. The employees must be honest and the management must have confidence and trust in them. Though bureaucracy is advantageous in its own eyes, it is always better to avoid such managerial methods to encourage better performance.