What if the company fails to recruit the right personnel?

The primary concern of work is personnel. Without the workforce in action, there is no scope for the company’s continuity in the business. To employ the right people into the right jobs is the challenge HR recruiters have ever been facing since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Earlier to the revolution, there wasn’t a proper mechanism to manage the human resources. With the advent of the Human Resource Management, the administration of people has channelized into a proper modus operandi.

The risks, company has to face if it fails to recruit the right personnel are multitudinous. Among them, the major resultant failures are:

  1. Failure to reach the vision
  2. Failure to accomplish the mission.
  3. Failure to meet the production targets.
  4. Failure to administer the control mechanism

Failure to reach the vision: As long as the personnel fails to understand the vision of the company they are working for, there will be no productivity. The work force must align their objectives with the company’s vision. Subordination of the individual goals with the organization goals is what that drives the workforce towards reaching the vision of the company.

Failure to accomplish the mission: When the worker doesn’t understand the importance of the mission of the company, he will fail to understand his position in the organization. The seriousness in the individual to work for what he is compensation for must not miss. It is important for recruiters to understand this criteria while selecting the personnel.

Failure to meet the production targets: When the production cycle is disturbed from the plans which are formulated to be implemented, it causes a butterfly effect. The lack of interest and the lack of understanding on the employee’s part in regards to the production targets, will mislead the output of the company’s targets.

Failure to administer the control mechanism: For the reason that a wrongly fit personnel is hired, the control mechanism will have no effect. The core reason that fabricates this failure is the inexact decision that recruiters make. The employees tend be stiff-necked and no matter what politics or control measures the management incorporates, they will find a way out to break the rules, hence resulting in the failure to bounce back.

Evaluation the applicant pool could be an easy task based on the skills and qualification of the individual, but the challenge is that the recruiters must identify the rightly fit personnel who has the potential to serve the organization with a potential that upraised the value of the company. The real task lies within the recruiter of how he distinguishes the personnel with great precision. When the recruiters reach the level where they can master this acquisition, it will be merely a cake-walk for them to pick out the outstanding from the pool of applicants.